Wild Nature Travel Guide

Bore with normal traveling? You’re traveling into forests where are called wild nature for more experiences in life. Also travel blogging is an exciting, rewarding career option. It can be a slow process to establish yourself in the field, but with persistence and continuing to hone your craft it can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! One way to begin this trek is writing for a travel competition hosted by a travel website.

An important component to keep in the forefront when doing travel writing is to keep your target audience in mind. Are you writing for a family website? Then include items on casual dining, theme parks, etc. If you are writing for a student-oriented site, then your focus should be more toward pubs and local drinking ages, nightlife, youth hostels, etc. The possibilities of a target audience are as endless as the variety of people you will meet in your travels.

Many articles target college students taking the train and/or backpacking through Europe. Including information on how to best obtain cheap train tickets in various cities would be vital to the students reading your piece. Highlights from some key locations would also be valuable. For instance, the city of Prague is a beautiful and relatively inexpensive location where college students can enjoy many different pubs and try the local brews while not destroying their travel’s budget in the process.

Professionals living abroad is an increasingly popular lifestyle. Writing on the night markets of Thailand, for example, would be a great article for this audience. The vibrantly colored textiles and the scent of Thai spices would serve wonderfully for getting your own creative juices flowing! The Silk Road in Central Asia with its ancient cities, mosques, markets, etc. is an endless source in inspiration. Families would find this part of the world a fascinating, under-discovered treasure and you would find no end to article material!

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