Traveling With Pets

Many pet owners dislike leaving their pets home when they go on vacations. Many like to take their pets along, if possible. There are rules governing pet travel by air and pet travel to another country by any means. You must be aware of these and make prior arrangements.

You must always keep your pet on a leash when you move out of your place. Find out if there are any pet friendly hotels or inns in the place that you are going to visit, as hotels generally don’t permit pets. Look for the ones that provide kennel facilities. It is always better to carry a kennel, just in case the hotel does not provide one.

If you’re planning to take your pet by air, make the necessary arrangements in advance. Find out if the airline allows your pet to travel in a carrier that can be kept under the seat, otherwise it must travel by air freight. You can send small pets like birds, hamsters and tropical fish by air express. Make sure your pet is identified by a tag or microchip. A health certificate is a must for the pet to travel by air. Choose a travel case or kennel that is very comfortable for your pet, preferably a spacious one and familiarize your pet with it by placing the pet for a little while in it everyday.

You can also take your pet with you in your car. Before the date of the actual journey, take your pet for small trips in the car so that the pet gets used to it. Take along a jug of cold water, in case of any emergency. Don’t allow pets to ride with their heads outside, as particles of dust can enter its eyes, nose and ears causing infection. Pets are generally not allowed in trains or buses except for guide dogs accompanying blind persons.

If adequate measures are taken beforehand, travel will be a pleasant experience for both the owner and the pet.

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