Things Need to Know About Cruise travel Insurance

Discovering the world whilst on a cruise can be a truly spectacular holiday experience. Adventure, new discoveries, beautiful destinations and partying at the Captain’s table can all be part of life on a cruise.

But what many people don’t realise is that even if you’re cruising Australian waters, once your cruise ship has left port, you are no longer covered for hospital or medical expenses by Medicare or your usual private health care provider.

Health care costs on board or outside of the country are very expensive. Hospital bills can be as much as $5,000 per day. Treatments, consultations and medications on board a ship are charged at private rates. Don’t base your insurance decision on the assumption of ‘it won’t happen to me’. The unexpected does happen.

If your travel plans include cruising for more than 4 consecutive days, depending upon your insurer, you may have to select Cruise Cover as an additional option to your standard international policy. Some insurers automatically cover you whilst on a cruise, provided you have selected an international policy. Alternatively you can purchase from a provider specialising in cruise insurance.

If you plan on participating in adventure shore activities or sports such as scuba diving or parasailing, be sure to check your chosen policy covers these activities.

A good cruise policy will cover you for emergency medical evacuation from ship to shore, along with cover for general medical expenses such as hospital stays, doctor and surgical fees and dental. You will probably want to look at the level of cover for your valuables too, as many holiday makers will have a good camera on board to capture the stunning scenery on offer. Be sure to check that you are covered for any existing medical conditions too.

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