The Advantages of Missionary Travel

Missionary travel is one of the best ways to travel and experience other people and cultures for anyone who wishes to stretch their legs and be of service to others at the same time.

The advantages to missionary travel are many and one of the great things that it offers is that you are guaranteed to always have something purposeful to bide your time with while you are traveling. You can rest assured that your church will have all the hot spots of injustice ready to go for you when you arrive so there will be no need to waste any time scouting them out on your own. Drug addiction, prostitution, poverty, gang violence, and Pagan practices run rampant in many foreign countries so you can rest assured that there will be no shortage of souls to save.

If your church offers missionary travel, than there will also be food and housing available for you when you arrive at your destination. Making new friends that share your beliefs is one of the other benefits of missionary travel.

Missionary travel is a great personal test for yourself that you can take that will prove invaluable in your later years and while others may choose to stay behind in your home town to enjoy their creature comforts you will be off building memories and character. If you are going to move up in standing in your church and plan on one day being a respected elder then missionary travel is one notch in your belt that will always put you in a command position.

Completing a mission for your church is a right of passage that will always set you apart from the crowd and it means that you have paid your dues and that your mettle has been tested.

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