Caravan Buyers Tips

If you’re considering taking time to explore what Australia has to offer, then buying your own caravan is a great option. But when you look at the size and extent of the range, it’s easy to get a bit confused. But fear not! We have put together a comprehensive list of questions and answers to help guide your decision making.

A good place to start looking for a used caravan is at a dealer. Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for a caravan:

Find out if the caravan has a full service history, just as you would when buying a car. Not only will this provide a record of previous work done to the vehicle, but it is also necessary for caravans to have documentation, like the owner’s handbook.

Don’t expect the caravan to be in perfect condition; most of the maintenance isn’t done until after the sale is made. Do make sure to take a detailed tour of the caravan to check for dirt, damp and mold. If the dirt or mold is severe, the vehicle might not be in good condition. An unpleasant smell in the caravan is also a bad sign.

Talk to people who have gone caravanning before. They might be able to point you toward a dealer or model to suit your specific needs. Also read articles in magazines and online to find out about the features, as well as the pluses and minuses, of various models.

Test everything in the caravan: doors, locks, toilets, lights etc. It can be pricey to replace these things if they are broken, so be sure to know as much about the condition of the parts in the vehicle as possible. Get a caravan that has been used and loved but not neglected. Fixing exterior damage can also be expensive, so check for that as well.

Go with your first impression. If something smells funny inside the vehicle or the dealer strikes you as an untrustworthy character, stay away. It is also important to get a warranty. If no warranty is offered, find another dealer.

These things will help you find the best vehicle to make your trip to Australia a dream vacation. Not only do caravans save money that would have been spent on hotels, but it is also a way to get closer to nature and spend quality time with your family.

Enjoy your caravanning holiday in Australia!

Author: admin